Weight Loss

Lose the fat, keep the muscle, and regain your health!

We have developed a weight loss program that is designed to help you lose weight while maintaining your muscle and improving your overall health at the same time. We have taken the best parts of numerous weight loss strategies to create a program that we get you results. We have designed a base program to start from, but each program is fully customized to meet your goals as well as your body’s particular needs.
We have accounted for 3 areas of your health that are crucial for health and especially weight loss.

• Physical – extensive exercise is not required however regular exercise is suggested during this program.
• Nutritional – our focus is on stimulating metabolism, detoxification, alkalizing the body, and improving your body fat to muscle composition.
• Psychological – we help you set goals, identify stressors that may cause overeating, and give you tools to help control your urges to overeat.

Most weight loss programs address one or maybe two of these, but fail to address all three which leaves opportunities for failure. We feel that a comprehensive program addressing each dimension gives us the highest likelihood of achieving exactly the results you want.

We also monitor your results with a complete Wellness Assessment at the beginning, middle, and end of the program to make certain that you are achieving the goals you want and meeting our standards of excellence.
If that’s not enough we are offering a money back guarantee on all program fees as well as most of the nutritional products that we may recommend!