Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is designed to stimulate the flow of healing energy within the body. Thai Yoga Massage combines a therapeutic level of stretching, deep tissue massage, acupressure and breath work to help bring balance into the mind, body, and spirit.


60 minute (specific area) $85
90 minute (full session) $115
120 minute $135

$10 off first full session for new clients (90 or 120 minute sessions only)


I honestly can’t say enough on how much Heather has helped me with the her Thai yoga massage. My very first session I came in not being able to walk very well and my lower back was very strained. My neck was also very tight, my calves felt like a rock and I had extremely sore muscles from doing an intense workout the day prior. I really didn’t think much could help me when my body was in this much strain. Boy, was I completely and utterly wrong!!! My first session with Heather was 2 hours and I can say it was one of the best 2 hours of my life! I have never felt my body release so much strain and stress in this short amount of time in my life. She stretched my limbs, massaged my achy muscles and did pressure point therapy on all those exact spots that really needed the attention the most. She does all the work as my body is put into yoga-like stretches. My mind went into a relaxing meditation as she did her magic. About an hour in the session, by body felt warm, flexible and relaxed. My muscles released that horrible tightness I was feeling all day and my neck could turn with ease. After the 2nd hour, I was a believer, Thai Yoga massage is exactly what my body has been searching for! Since then, I have done many more sessions and my body is finally getting so much better.

I have been going to massage therapists for years and I saw them very regularly since my occupation is very physical and I am always feeling the need to get those aches and pains worked out so I can get up the next day. When I received massages, I got a quick release of pain and for a few days my body felt a bit better but then after about 5 days, I was back in the same spot I was prior and needed that release of pain again. This got extremely expensive and I felt as though I was putting a band-aid on the situation instead of really fixing the deep problems I was having with my lower back and neck. I was extremely frustrated and just couldn’t figure out how to deal with this problem, and I was almost to the point of taking pain medications daily, which I really didn’t want to do, I am only 27!

I now no longer have to see a massage therapist, since I have been seeing Heather, there just isn’t the need anymore. With her type of therapy, my body can feel young again and rejuvenated. She has changed my body from being very weak, strained and sensitive to a very strong, reliable and pain free body. I see her once a week for 2 hours, and I can’t remember the last time I was thinking about my back aching or my neck being tight, that just doesn’t happen anymore. All of those thoughts are in the past!

It’s those little things like walking my dog every day now since my body has gotten so much better where in the past, I just couldn’t bear to walk that long every day. It’s the times where I go to the gym and I can actually spend a good hour there on the treadmill and do squats and lunges without my back and legs giving out. I use to have my massage therapists on speed dial, but now I just have my regular weekly session with heather, and I can live a much more normal and pain free life. I finally feel my age once and for all!

I am so grateful and thankful I found Heather, for what she has done for my mind, body and soul. Heather is very attentive to all of my physical needs. She is so friendly and comfortable to be around, and I look forward every week to our session. It’s a time I can just let my mind at ease and feel my body getting so much stronger and better. She has made a huge difference in my life and would recommend her to anyone!

Sarah S.

I cannot be more pleased with my whole experience of Thai Yoga Bodywork. I didn’t know what Thai Yoga Massage was when I first saw Heather and now I’m completely sold! Heather is incredibly talented in terms of manipulating the body into different yoga poses. It is not only relaxing, but also a great stretch to the entire body. Heather truly has a healing gift! I noticed that in the days after the massage that my energy level was very high. My body felt more balanced and open than it was in weeks. I feel very grounded and focused, and can’t wait to dive deeper. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone who wants to give a pure gift to themselves.

Amanda W.