Ralph S.

“I began having excruciating back pain a couple of years ago. I thought I had pulled a muscle while moving my motorcycle into winter storage, but the back pain just wouldn’t go away. Sometimes, it was so sudden “and so bad” I’d drop to my knees. My family doctor sent me to a back clinic, where they put me on a lot of fancy machines to measure and strengthen my back muscles. The exercises helped some. The first time I saw Dr. Steve, he took an x-ray of my back. He showed me that my back pain was the result of a very old injury. He also said my spine was adding new bone and growing away from the injury. I was stunned. The x-ray looked exactly how I felt! He also pointed out a kink in my neck that I wasn’t aware of. In a few sessions, Dr. Steve straightened out my neck which feels even better now and my back is feeling much better too. Thanks!”