Insight Subluxation Station

Insight Minneapolis ChiropractorEssential to our comprehensive approach to chiropractic is the remarkable Insight Subluxation Station technology, which has been awarded certification as Space-Certified technology by NASA. With it, we are able to establish a reliable and scientifically valid representation of each patient’s condition – something never before possible. The insight this provides is significant on many levels. It enables us to analyze each patient’s condition on a whole new level. This incredible technology is able to detect problems that are not measurable by the doctor alone. It is so sensitive that it can even detect problems before they are painful. It also enables us to accurately track the effectiveness of treatment and allows us to communicate your findings more effectively.

It all starts with an understanding of the technologies that comprise the Insight Subluxation Station. So we invite you now to take a look at these technologies, as well as our unique NeuroSpinal Function Index. Then continue to explore all the other elements of our unique approach. The more you know, the more confidence you will have to join us in our mission to improve your health and YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE!

The Insight Subluxation Station™ Discovery model is a 5-technology unit that provides a comprehensive picture of your patient’s neurospinal health. The tests are painless, non-invasive, scientifically sound and easy to understand. Our integrated technology includes:

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The results from these sophisticated tests can be used individually, in combination with each other, or all together for a comprehensive, multi-dimensional view of a patient’s overall spinal health known as the NeuroSpinal Function Index (NSFi): a patent pending composite index that takes the five measured components of the Insight and assimilates them into a single, easy to understand number that gives us a single number that reflects the overall impression of each patient’s neurospinal health.