First Visit – Expectations

The goal of your first visit is to determine what your health concerns are, establish your health goals, and to determine exactly what is causing any health concerns you may be having.

Patient Forms
All new patients are required to fill out two important pieces of information:

  1. New Patient Intake Forms: Our intake forms may be sent to you to be filled out at home on your own time, and brought into our office during your 1st visit. Please email us at to request your new patient intake.
  2. Personal Health History Questionnaire: If you are using insurance, your insurance company will require some additional paperwork. These forms will depend on your particular insurance company. These forms will be provided at your first appointment.

Your first visit will begin with a consultation with Dr. Hyjek to discuss your health concerns, goals, and expectations. During the consultation, the doctor will be able to determine what services or testing will best meet your needs to achieve your desired goals.

Following your consultation, we will recommend any additional testing or procedures that we feel are necessary to fully evaluate and assist you in your goals. We offer state-of-the-art technology that is so sensitive that it can detect problems before symptoms may even be present. It evaluates how stress in your life is affecting your health. All of our tests are completely safe and non-invasive. Read more about our exciting, cutting edge Insight Millenium Subluxation Station technology. This is the foundation that we use to guide you to better health.

If you have had a recent trauma or if our orthopedic exam indicates it to be necessary we may recommend additional imaging tests such as X-ray or MRI. X-rays can be performed on-site using digital X-ray technology.

Report of Findings
When all information has been gathered, we will schedule you for a follow-up visit where Dr Hyjek will discuss your results; this is called your “Report of Findings“. During your report of findings, we will discuss your examination results and whether or not your case has been accepted. We will also discuss the most frequently asked questions our patients ask:

-Can you help me?
-How are you going to help me?
-How long will it take?
-How much is it going to cost?

Your recommended health care program will be explained to you in detail with the doctor. The costs of all treatment recommendations will also be discussed. For those that need financial assistance, we do offer flexible payment plans.

Treatment typically begins after the Report of Findings. Again, everyone is different and your treatment will reflect that. If chiropractic care is part of your care program, please be aware that we offer many adjusting techniques to fit the needs of all ages, from newborns to the elderly, and even for people who prefer not to be “cracked”.

Each visit will build on another and we will provide you with lifestyle recommendations during your time in the office that will help you get the best possible results in the shortest period of time at the least possible expense.

The Insight Technology allows us to see how you are functioning, so frequent re-exams will be done to track your progress. When it comes to your health and your care, we do not guess. We use the most advanced technology and testing.

Wellness Program
As your system restores proper balance and your nervous system learns regains proper function, we can provide you with options to maintain a higher level of health through healthier lifestyle choices. It is important to us that you create good habits and routines to support your chiropractic success. Because every person is a unique individual, we provide customized wellness programs that can be designed especially for YOU, your needs, and your goals. We offer the most comprehensive wellness program available on the market that offers life-changing results! Please read more about our to learn more.