Amanda D.

“I was in a minor car accident. Truly minor (less than $1000 of damage) and I really wasn’t experiencing much back or neck pain. Over the next three months I started developing migraine headaches so severe they completely disrupted my life. There were times when I had to leave work because I was in so much pain. Even worse, had to call my husband to come get me from work because I couldn’t see straight it hurt so much. These headaches, which were increasing in severity and frequency, were affecting quality of my work and my relationship with my husband and 2 year old child. It was by pure chance I met Dr. Hyjek at a health expo, and had a brief analysis done. Based on his findings there, I agreed to a complete examination. What he found completely amazed me. Apparently my headaches were the result of whiplash I didn’t even know I had! Over the course of three months I am now completely migraine free. Thanks Dr. Hyjek, for giving me my life back!”